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How You Can Create A More Secure Workplace

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It's always important to have security systems in place in order to look out for the safety of your business, employees, and customers. However, do you know how to get the most out of your security measures? No matter what the size of your company, there are things that you can do to help create a more secure workplace.

Involve Employees Other Than The Security Officer

Your security officer is there for protection, but he or she is most effective when employees are also conscious of how they can contribute to the security of your business. That way, educated and informed employees can share the responsibility for their own safety. 

There should be a clear set of procedures in place that control who has access to what part of your building or facility. Make sure that everyone understands the process. For example, if doors are key-coded, make sure that employees are consciously aware that they shouldn't hold open the doors for other people - an attempt at courtesy may accidentally allow someone who doesn't belong into a restricted area. Employees should also should know things like:

  • the procedure for accepting packages or mail
  • policies about leaving laptops or cell phones unattended
  • the method they should use to report something suspicious
  • the method to trigger an alarm if something's wrong
  • the correct identification they should carry (such as ID cards)
  • the way they are expected to respond to requests from security

Make Sure The Role Of The Security Officer Is Well-Defined

Make sure that you properly equip your security officer for his or her jobs if you want to make the most of having one in place. Your security officer should:

  • have a designated workstation or check-in points where he or she can be located if needed.
  • be introduced to every new employee, so that it's harder for a stranger to slip in.
  • be aware of all emergency procedures and able to direct people on where to go or what to do in the event of a problem.
  • be provided with the training to work any electronic surveillance equipment.
  • understand the nature of your business, and what is done there, to make it easier to spot any sort of unusual activity.
  • be aware, at all times, of who is permitted in any secure areas, including places where employee or customer data (like social security numbers) is kept.
  • not be asked to run errands, deliver lunches, or other work that isn't security related (because that can create the idea that his or her security job isn't very important).
  • always have clear information on how and where to report any suspected problem.
  • always be involved in employee training sessions regarding security, so that he or she is perceived as an authority

Creating a secure workplace isn't a one-time process. You have to continually maintain a certain attitude that stresses the importance of security among everyone involved, and respond to changing demands as new threats develop and new security technology emerges. Fortunately, your security company can help you adapt and can become your partner for the process.