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How To Take Charge Of Your Company's Relocation

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When you were the proud parent whose child was moving into their first college dorm, the mechanics of transitioning from point A to point B were probably not that complicated.  As the proud owner of a company whose success has enabled you to relocate to nicer headquarters, however, moving may be a bit trickier.  Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition.

Play Detective

Unless you have a reliable reference from a trusted friend, it cannot hurt to check out the moving company you are planning to hire before money exchanges hands.  There should be a USDOT registration number listed on the moving company's web page.  A free Company Snapshot report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Website is available that offers information such as inspection, crash data, and safety rating analysis. 

The company themselves should be able to provide you with proof of their license and insurance status. 

Packing Up

When your child left for school, the odds are that you handled the packing between family and friends without difficulty.  Packing items for a large corporation is significantly more involved.  Find out if the company you are hiring offers packing services.

Even if the company says they are capable of doing the packing for you, it pays to obtain and check references from actual business customers who utilized their services before.  The last thing you need to find out when your new office space is settled is that your computer fell in transit, and the hard drive has crashed. 

Timing is Everything

Unless your company is capable of maintaining operations during the actual relocation, you have a few options.  Make sure the chosen corporate moving service offers a hard guarantee for delivery completion by the date you select.  If they miss that deadline, then they need to be prepared to compensate your company for lost business.

If the move is a short distance away, then finding a corporate mover who completes the transition on weekends or evenings would be extremely beneficial.

Accept Employee Input

Finally, corporate relocations are not just a challenge for the owners and managers.  Every employee working for you has a stake in the move being successful.  For instance, some employees would prefer to pack the files they use on a daily basis or the materials at their desk themselves.  Overall, you both would benefit as they could begin work quickly in the new location.

The excitement and celebration accompanying your company's relocation can be accomplished with minimal stress for all involved.  Do your homework first, and then let the appropriate experts, such as Bekins Van Lines Inc, take care of the details.