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Using A Storage Unit As An Extension Of Your Home Crafting Space

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Are you in love with crafting? Do you find that it is beginning to take over your home? If so, maybe it is time for you to find an extension of your crafting room. One great way to expand your crafting room is to lease a storage unit. Here, you will learn how about leasing a storage unit for your crafting supplies and use.

Choosing the Storage Unit

The storage unit (such as one offered through SaveMor Self Storage LTD) that you choose should be close to your home, easily accessible, and climate controlled. How big of a unit you need will depend on how many supplies you plan to store there and whether you plan to spend any time crafting at the location.

Tip: If you plan on doing crafting at the storage unit, purchase a portable power supply. You can use it to plug in your glue gun and a lamp so you can easily create anything you want right there on the spot.

Why do you need a climate controlled storage unit? Because the paints, glues and other crafting supplies should not be exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Organizing Your Stuff

Organization is the key to finding success in using a storage unit as an extension of your home crafting space. If it is difficult for you to find what you are looking for, the storage unit will cause more grief than relief.

Invest in plastic storage bins, drawer units, portable shelving units, and maybe a crafting table to use at the unit. As you put all of your crafting supplies in storage, label the bins and drawers so that you can easily see what is in each bin. You may even want to draw a sketch of the unit and label the sketch with the location of the different supplies. This way, if you want to send a spouse, friend or your son or daughter to pick up what you need, you can easily show them where it is located.

If you are storing fabric, be sure that you store it in airtight containers. Climate controlled storage will help to protect your items from damage, but you never know when a rodent or bugs could enter the unit and begin destroying the fabric you are saving.

Crafting is a great way to spend your free time. It can be relaxing and allows you to create some truly beautiful things. Talk with your local storage facility to learn about the pricing and availability of storage units.