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What Is An Infrared Heater?

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When it comes to heating up your home, there are many options available to you. Some heaters run on natural gas, while others are electric. Another type of heater is called an infrared heater, which gives you heat that is similar to heat from the sun. Here is information about this type of heater to help you decide if it is the right option for you.

They Are Portable

One of the biggest advantages of an infrared heater is that it is portable. You will get a separate heater for each room in your home, or move around the one you have. Because it is portable, it heats up very quickly, as it is only heating up one room at a time. You have direct and almost instant heat when it is pointed at a person or object. If you have just stepped inside your home from being out in the cold winter weather, an infrared heater gets you warm and toasty in only a few minutes.

They Are Quiet

If you have been dealing with a loud furnace that is annoying and distracting, you will be very glad to have an infrared heater. The units do not make any noise since no fans or furnaces are used. All the heater is doing is radiating light, which is perfect if you are sensitive to noises. This also makes them ideal for the bedroom because you can stay warm while also getting a good night's sleep.

They Are Cost Effective

When you use an infrared heater, you are only getting a heater for the room you are heating up. This prevents you from needing to have an entire central heating system installed. The operating costs are also significantly less, as you are warming up a single room instead of an entire house. This also makes it more environmentally friendly, because you aren't wasting energy heating up a large home, when it is only a room or two that need to be warmed up.

Low Maintenance

If you are looking for an efficient way to heat up your home without needing a lot of maintenance or repairs, an infrared heater is a great option. There is very little maintenance, and in most cases, you don't need an HVAC technician unless there is a major issue with the unit. You should be able to clean it perform basic maintenance on your own. There aren't even lubrication requirements or air filters to change.

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