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Buying A Foreclosed Home: Your First Call Should Be A Locksmith

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If you have purchased a home that was recently foreclosed, the first call you make when you get the keys should be to a locksmith. Any new homeowner should have the locks changed, but there are additional concerns when the house was a foreclosure.

If the house was sitting vacant for a long time, you don't know who was coming in and out, and you don't know how responsible the previous homeowner was.  Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a locksmith to do a security inspection in the home right away.

Abandoned Homes Attract Crime

Studies have shown that criminal acts are more likely to occur in areas where the houses are vacant, and your home could have been used for drug deals and other things while it sat empty. The people that could have been inside the home are going to know what type of locks are on the doors, what entrances are easy to break into, and if they can get in through windows or an attic.

A locksmith can change all of the locks on the doors, add locks to the windows, so you don't have to worry about someone getting in because they are familiar with the property.

Keys Could be Everywhere

The previous homeowner might still have the keys to the house after you take possession of it. They may have given the keys to family and friends, or even a housekeeper or neighbor. You don't know who has the keys, or if they would try to get back into the home after you've moved your belongings back in. The old owner could also be mad that they lost the house, and could lash out violently. You want all doors that require keys to have the locks changed, and you may consider using keypad or finger print locking mechanisms.

Security is a Must

It's always a good idea to install a security system, no matter what neighborhood you live in. Homes with a security system are 300 percent less likely to get broken into than homes that don't have a system. The locksmith is a security professional, and can set up the system for you.

Buying a foreclosed home usually means you buy the house as is, so you may not know what condition the doors are in until after you get out. Talk with a locksmith and make the necessary changes to make your new property safe. Talk to people like Able Security Locksmiths for more information.