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Transform The Look Of Your Room With These Ceiling Paint Tips

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If you've been thinking about how you can give a room in your home a new look, one of the most overlooked upgrades is fresh paint on the ceiling. With the right paint color and some do-it-yourself supplies, you could transform the look of any room in your home. Most hardware stores even offer custom paint mixing, which could allow you to not only change the appearance of the room but also personalize it to a color that is truly your own. If you've never chosen a paint color for your ceiling, here are some tips to help you decide what works the best in any room.

Dealing with High Ceilings

The best way to counter that open, empty feeling of a room with high ceilings is to choose a paint color that brings warmth to the room. Colors like brown, pearl or eggshell can provide a deeper color that makes the whole room feel more inviting and warm.

Stick with the lighter shades of these warm colors, though. Don't try to paint a high ceiling in a deep brown or burgundy shade, because that is simply going to make the room feel dark and uncomfortable.

Opening up Small Spaces

In contrast to high ceilings, smaller spaces and low ceilings can make a room feel cramped and uncomfortable. Luckily, with the right paint selection, you can add contrast that makes the whole room feel more open and spacious.  

When you create a sharper contrast between the ceiling color and the walls, it gives your room more depth. For example, if your walls are light tan or a similar shade, opting for a pale yellow color will create some contrast without the harsh transition from the colored walls to a bright, white ceiling.

That sharp contrast often makes the ceiling more evident, calling attention to the smaller space. With a color that naturally contrasts the walls, you develop a more seamless flow between the two, making it feel more open.

Making it Unique

If you're going to visit your local hardware store for a custom color mix, why not put your own spin on the final product? There are many unique finishes you can choose from, from pearlescent paints that shimmer and reflect light to metallic finishes that sparkle when the sunlight bounces back. Features like these added to a custom paint color can make your home's ceilings one-of-a-kind.

As you can see, there are many different ways to transform the look of your rooms without having to take everything off the walls for a new coat of paint throughout the space. Sometimes, that whole new look and feel is as easy as transforming your ceiling. Talk to your local hardware store about the custom color mixes available for your new ceiling paint.