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3 Educational Activities To Do In Norfolk With Your Children

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If you're planning on going on a family vacation, there is no better place to go than Norfolk. It hosted an estimated of 30,058,000 visitors in 2012. Norfolk is a county in the East of England that shares its borders with Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. If you're planning a trip to Norfolk, here are 3 fun, educational activities and things to do in Norfolk that you and your children can schedule into your holiday.

Enjoy the Ultimate Fishing Trip

Norfolk is one of the best places to go fishing, as you can literally fish all-year-long if you would like to. You can ice fish for yellow perch and Northern Pike during the winter and perch, pike, rock bass, sunfish and crappie during early summer. If you're interested in saltwater fish, you'll find an abundance of trout, flounder, red drum, striper and croaker during the entire year. There are plenty of fishing charters that travel along the shore and even out to sea for the ultimate fishing experience.

Taking your child fishing when travelling in Norfolk is a great idea because the trip will likely be packed full of action. You can take this opportunity to educate your child on the different types of fishing techniques, different types of fishes, and even how to cook any fishes that get caught.

Explore the Environment at Botany Gardens

There are plenty of botanical gardens in Norfolk. These beautiful gardens contain a wide array of different plants, and are extremely fun and relaxing to walk through. Most botanical gardens host educational programs for children to learn more about the environment – like the different types of plants that are grown in Norfolk and how to conserve the environment. Check ahead of time to see whether there are any tours or programs that you and your child can sign up for.

Common topics that can be taught include hibernation, migration, metamorphosis, seed planting and more. There are even events for you and your child to participate in Pilates, Tai Chi and other fun outdoor activities.

Dive Deep Into History and Art at the Many Museums

Norfolk is also home to many different history and art museums. Dive deep into the history of Norfolk, such as historical events and lifestyles of people in the past and the history of military advances and dates, or unwind your creativity by indulging in different types of art. There are many tours and events hosted at the museums. Sign up and you'll find yourself not only learning, but even participating in many hands-on activities.


Norfolk is a beautiful place to take your children for a vacation. Not only can everyone relax, but there are also many different educational activities for the whole family to partake in. Sign up for tours and buy tickets ahead of time to avoid last-minute headaches.