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Attracting Brides To Your Venue

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Everyone loves a bride and groom, and every wedding vendor is after their business. The wedding industry is highly competitive, and attracting couples to your venue can be challenging. If you want your business to thrive, you need to constantly fine tune your promotional strategy. Try incorporating some of the following ideas into your current business plan.

Partner Up

An excellent way to generate more business is to partner with the wedding vendors that brides and grooms will visit before choosing their venue. Consider making a deal with jewelry stores or bridal dress stores to cross-promote your businesses. You can create a voucher that will give the couples money off your booking fee or some other special consideration from your business. 

Not Just Saturdays

You probably have every Saturday for months in advance already booked for a wedding. That leaves you six other days each week that are perfect for a flexible bride and groom. You can drum up additional wedding bookings by offering significant discounts for weddings held on days other than Saturday. Make sure to get the word out about this deal on social media and ask your partners to also share this information with the bridal couples. 

Offer Extras

Modern couples and their guests yearn for extras at the wedding venue. Simple things like free wi-fi will appeal to today's technologically-addicted guests. Make certain that you provide enough outlets for everyone to charge their phones, laptops, and tablets. Most weddings include a number of children. Provide a safe space for them to play, stocked with toys and other items to keep them occupied. Keeping the kids happy in a safe space will earn you much gratitude from the happy couple. All the wedding guests will be able to enjoy the grown-up festivities without having to worry about their little ones. Special services such as these can make your reputation and bring you more business through referrals. 

The wedding industry is extremely competitive, so keeping your venue fully booked throughout the year can be difficult. Saturdays are usually no problem, but you have many more days that you need to fill with paying events. Getting some weekday weddings can help you with this goal. Cultivate relationships with other wedding vendors in order to increase business for all involved. Also, try creating specialty services that will make your venue stand out. If your guests are comfortable and relaxed, they will drum up business for you through word of mouth. 

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