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Custom Holiday Labeling Ideas For Your Retail Business

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With the sounds of the season starting to infiltrate your store and customers getting started on holiday shopping lists, it becomes more important than ever to cater to the needs of holiday shoppers. But sometimes, especially in a retail business, you have to show a customer what they might need before they will recognize it. Appropriately labeling holiday-related merchandise in your store is the perfect way to show shoppers the items that they were previously unaware that they needed. Here are a few creative holiday custom labeling ideas that you should consider this season.

Make Sure Customers See Good Gift Ideas

A screwdriver set, soft winter gloves, high-end fragrances, and even a pack of gourmet cookies may look like regular merchandise now, but with one little custom label your customers will remember that these items make the perfect gift for someone on their list. Placing simple gift or holiday-related labels on regular store merchandise as gentle reminders is always a good idea at the onset of the shopping season. Keep holiday shopping at the forefront of customer thought with simple messages like:

  • A Perfect Gift for Mom
  • Just Right for Hard-to-Pick-For Gift Receivers
  • Tool Gifts for Dad
  • Thoughtful Gift for Your Loved One

Adorn Potential Gifts With Ready Gift Tags

Sometimes when you are shopping for the holidays, you have to roam a store for hours trying to see any item as a good gift. If you take note of holiday shoppers, you will actually see this process taking place. An easy way to help your shoppers envision a specific item as a worthy gift to go under the tree is to adorn the packaging with a ready-to-use gift tag. These custom labels can be tied on packages with a small piece of twine or ribbon, but they also work well in sticker form if you are in a hurry. Just make sure the labels are easy to see on the merchandise as it is placed on shelves and displays. Order these custom labels in large quantities and have employees place them as they stock the shelves throughout the holiday shopping season.

When it comes to holiday marketing, the slightest changes can make a huge impression on your customers. Be sure you take some time to consider what custom labels could do to help promote sales in your retail store this holiday season and talk with a distributor to find more creative ideas. For more information or ideas, contact the professionals at Northwest Label.