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4 Reasons You May Prefer Cremation

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Cremation involves exposing the remains of a person to high temperatures to convert his or her body to mineral-based ash. This form of body preparation usually costs only a fraction of the cost involved with the traditional embalming process. In addition, cremation does not require an expensive casket or a cemetery plot. Still, there are reasons beyond the price that people choose cremation. Here are a few of them:

Preservation of Memories

Many people would prefer to remember their loved one the way that he or she appeared in life. When the body of a loved one is placed in a casket and displayed during a funeral, it can ruin memories and make it difficult for family members to remember the deceased as he or she once was. Even if a funeral home is skilled at body preparation, many bodies look quite different than the deceased appeared when he or she was living. With cremation, attractive pictures of the loved one can be displayed during a service without an embalmed body nearby for comparison.

Delay of Services

In some instances, the family members of the deceased person may live far apart. Nevertheless, they may want to attend the funeral service of the loved one who has passed. Yet, it can be difficult to preserve a body for a period long enough for the family members to all arrive in the city where the funeral will be held.

Cremation allows the remains to be processed and remain ready for services. The process also reduces the mass of the body, making it easy for family members to travel with the remains or relocate them to an area that may be more convenient for the funeral.

Remains Can Be Kept Close

Some family members will prefer to keep the remains of their loved one close. Once the body has been cremated, an urn can be used to house the remains. The remains can be kept in the home of a loved one.

Honoring Wishes

Some people request that their body be cremated and that their ashes be scattered at a particular site. The regulations concerning the proper disposal of human remains restrict the locations at which an embalmed body may be left. However, the ashes of a person can be scattered practically anywhere.

If you are considering cremation, contact a company like Care Memorial Cremation Solutions for details about these services. The funeral home may offer a number of cremation packages. Some may even include funeral services held at the funeral home. In addition, if you would like to have cremated remains buried, some local cemeteries have cremation plots available.