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Maintaining Your New Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

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Congratulations on the purchase of your new faux ivy privacy screen, from a location like EZ-Ivy. With proper care and maintenance your ivy screen can provide many years of beauty and seclusion on your property. The following tips will help you maintain your screen.

Use the Right Fence

Because faux ivy privacy screens are not a standalone product and do not have the ability to stand upright on their own, an important part of maintaining your faux ivy screen is maintaining the fence that supports it. Although you can attach your privacy screen to any kind of fence, the best types of fences for this purpose will be made of vinyl or metal. When installed on a wooden fence, your privacy screen may trap moisture against the pickets and can cause the sealer on the wood to deteriorate quickly. If you choose to install your faux ivy privacy screen on a wooden fence, make a point of removing the screen annually to check the wood beneath the screen. If the sealer has begun to deteriorate, sand the fence, then restain and reseal the wood. This will help preserve the wood beneath the fence.

Wash the Ivy Periodically

Wash your screen periodically with a strong jet of water from a hose. This will remove remove the normal buildup of dirt and grit that may accumulate on your screen throughout the year. If the ivy should become stained or should develop any mold or mildew, spray down the leaves with vinegar, allow the vinegar to soak on the leaves for a short period of time, then wipe away the vinegar with a soft scrub brush or a rag.

Vacuum on a Regular Basis

Use the vacuum to remove miscellaneous items like spider eggs, spider webs, leaves, twigs and other debris that might get caught in your faux ivy screen. Use a shop vacuum for these purposes, as you might inadvertently suck in something that contains moisture, and this could do damage to a standard vacuum.

Sweep Away from the Screen

You might need to sweep or rake around the fence as you maintain the landscape throughout the year. When doing this, sweep and rake debris away from the screen. Doing this will help keep the bottom of the screen clean. This will make your screen easier to maintain over time.

For more information about maintaining your faux ivy privacy screen, talk to a sales representative from the company when you purchase the screen of your choice. Following these tips will help you keep your new faux ivy privacy screen in good condition for a long time to come.