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Reusable And Ecological Jewelry Packaging For Jewelry Designers

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As a jewelry designer, the final packaging of your handmade jewelry is almost as important as the jewelry that you design and create. Well-crafted jewelry packaging is often retained and reused by the jewelry buyer for long-time care and storage of the jewelry that they purchase. Here are some ecological and reusable packaging designs that invite the buyer to retain and reuse your jewelry packaging:

  • Cotton Mesh Bags - Different sizes of cotton mesh bags with drawstring cords can be used to attractively package individual jewelry items. Cotton mesh bags are not opaque so the purchaser can see what items are contained in the bag before opening it. These thin bags are often saved and reused by the customer to protect stored jewelry from scratches and marks when stored with other jewelry. These bags are also useful as jewelry holders when traveling because they are strong and very light weight. 
  • Cotton Canvas Storage Baskets - Square or rectangular baskets can be made of cotton canvas to provide a structured storage container for handmade jewelry. These baskets have handles on the sides as well as cotton flaps on the top to fold down and completely cover their contents. Shredded paper can be used inside of these baskets to provide a safe and supportive filler for jewelry that is individually wrapped in paper or plastic bags. Cotton storage baskets are lightweight and foldable and sturdy enough to last many years.
  • Paper Jewelry Boxes - Paper jewelry boxes imprinted with your company name and logo are often retained by the end customer for long-term storage of jewelry creations, especially when filled with soft cotton batting and tissue paper. These boxes can assure that your jewelry creations remain unscratched and unmarred while stored or carried while traveling. When wrapped in a sturdy shipping container, paper jewelry boxes are the safest way to send jewelry through the mail or through a package delivery service as they prevent jewelry items from touching each other.  
  • Anti-Tarnish paper - When coated with an anti-tarnish solution, this paper can keep silver and copper jewelry from turning dark from exposure to ambient air. The anti-tarnish solution can be coated on tissue paper to completely wrap a jewelry item or can be coated on card stock and enclosed with your jewelry in a plastic or paper jewelry bag. The anti-tarnish paper will protect sterling silver or copper jewelry and will not affect other metals or gemstones.   

You will find that when your jewelry packaging is well made and sturdy, your jewelry buyer will retain and reuse it. All of the above packaging designs can be customized with your name and logo. In this way, your end customer will continually see your brand name and can search for more of your jewelry creations online or in stores. Reusable jewelry packaging is an ecological and lasting investment that will advertise your jewelry designs and brand name for many years. For more information, check into companies in your area that offer paper & packaging services.