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A Few Questions About Sewer Line Clogs Addressed

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The sewer line to your home is essential for allowing you to dispose of the wastewater that is produced by your home. Yet, it is possible for this sewer line to develop serious clogs that can create potentially serious problems for the house. To help protect your house against this threat, you will need to make sure that you are fairly informed about your home's sewer line, and learning the following answers to common questions will make it easier for you to handle these issues when they arise.

How Will A Homeowner Know When Their Sewer Line Is Blocked?

There can be some fairly major warning signs that your home's sewer line is starting to become clogged. Often, this will result in the water being unable to rapidly drain from your sinks and bathtubs. Also, you may notice foul smells coming from your drains due to standing water in the pipes. Sadly, these issues with the sewer line are likely to worsen as time progresses, which will make it essential to have the damage repaired as quickly as possible.

Will Your Landscaping Be Destroyed By Repairing The Sewer Line?

It can be a fairly common concern for some individuals to be concerned about the need to have the yard excavated to repair the damaged sewer line. Luckily, it should be noted that you may not have to do this as some clogs can be repaired without the need to excavate the yard. This is possible by inserting a special tool into the sewer line that can break up the obstruction. However, if the obstruction is being caused by a root intrusion into the pipes, excavation will be unavoidable.

What Can You Do To Prevent The Sewer Line From Clogging?

Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that are fairly unaware of the steps needed to help prevent clogs from forming in the sewer line. One of the more basic steps that you can take to help prevent this issue from arising is to avoid pouring excessive amounts of grease down the drains. The grease can form a sticky layer on the interior of the sewer line that will make it easier for these clogs to develop. Having the sewer line professionally cleaned every couple of years can help to prevent sewer lines from becoming clogged as this will remove any accumulations that are starting to build up. Lastly, you may want to consider installing a root guard around the sewer line to help prevent intrusions from occurring.

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