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Tips For Having An Ice Cream Bar For Your Child's Birthday Party

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If you have a child that is having a birthday party, you might want to forgo the traditional cake because many children have already experienced it before. One cool alternative is to have an ice cream bar at your child's birthday party. This is essentially an opportunity for children to go up, grab a bowl of ice cream, and decorate it with sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and other goodies to their heart's content. Here are some tips that you need to follow in order to make the ice cream bar a success.

1. Scoop the Ice Cream for the Kids

Offer two flavors of ice cream: chocolate and vanilla. The kids at the party are going to be overwhelmed by making their own sundae, so they don't need to deliberate about what kind of ice cream they are going to have on top of that. Have a parent or two scoop out the ice cream into bowls just before the kids are going to get it. This is important because children often don't have the strength to scoop out the ice cream and will hold up the line, making it difficult for other people to get ice cream. If you pre-scoop it for them, they can just grab a bowl and go. Make sure that you get good ice cream scoopers for the parents who take up this job, because it will make their life easier.

2. Store Nuts Separately

If you are going to include crushed nuts as a topping, make sure that you put the nuts on a different table from the rest of the candy and sauces. The reason for this is that, in their excitement, the kids might not be too careful about mixing candies. This isn't a big deal if chocolates mix together, but it can be a big deal if nuts mix together and someone is allergic to nuts. By having the nuts on a different table, you decrease the chances that they will contaminate any of the other foods. You also reduce the chances that a kid who is allergic to nuts accidentally grabs some.

3. Don't Do It Over Carpeting

Finally, make sure that you have your ice cream bar in an area that does not have carpeting in order to decrease the chances that the ice cream and candy will get ground into the floor.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in frozen dessert supplies, such as Color Change Spoon. They will likely have special scoopers that you can buy that are professional-grade.