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Key Design Features For A Sidewalk Sign

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Many different businesses can benefit from using a sidewalk sign — a folding, A-frame sign that they can place on the sidewalk outside of the front entrance. Eateries often use sidewalk signs, as do specialty boutiques and a wide range of other types of retailers. If you're working with a custom sign company to design a sidewalk sign, you'll likely be focused on the look and wording of the sign. It's important to also think about the structure of the sign itself. Different sign companies have different types of sidewalk business signs, and choosing a product with these design features is advantageous.

Heavy Weight

While you might initially lean toward choosing a lightweight sidewalk sign because it would be easy to take outside each morning and bring back inside at the end of the day, signs that are lightweight can present some challenges. Namely, they're not very resistant to gusts of wind. If the street in front of your location frequently gets heavy winds, a light sign could blow over multiple times. Talk to your sign company about signs that are heavier. There are many styles that are weighted at the bottom to withstand wind.


Of course, a heavier sidewalk sign can be challenging to maneuver, so you'll want to have a solution to this issue. One option to consider is a sign with small wheels built into its base. This feature will allow any employee to wheel the sign to and from its daytime position, rather than attempt to carry it — a prospect that can be difficult when it's heavy.


You'll also want to order your custom sidewalk sign so that it includes a short length of chain that runs between the two diagonal sides of the "A" shape. The chain is in place to prevent the sign from opening too much. For example, if you were to set the sign out on the sidewalk on a winter day, there might be a bit of ice underfoot. Without the chain, the two sets of the sign's legs could slowly slide apart until the sign collapses on the ground. A sign that has fallen is of little value, as people won't be able to easily notice it — an issue that could impact the number of individuals who decide to stop and visit your business. The chain will prevent this type of movement, thus improving the value of the sign.