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Putting An End To Common Misconceptions About Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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If you are a responsible person, there is a good chance that you have already given some thought to planning your funeral ahead of time and paying now so your family does not have to once you are gone. Even if the topic does not come up in conversation a great deal, there are still some common misconceptions a lot of people have about planning a funeral in advance that are based entirely on speculation. The best way to move forward with plans that you know are necessary is by putting these misconceptions to rest with real facts.

Misconception: Planning your own funeral eliminates family wants from the equation.

Fact: Just because you choose to make your own arrangements, it does not mean that you cannot involve your family members in the process. In fact, many people choose to take along close loved ones during planning just for this purpose, but it can also be for moral support as well.

Yes, in the end the funeral you choose is for you, but it is also a time that should help your loved ones left behind move forward without you and say goodbye. Therefore, it is often encouraged to keep the desires of your family in mind during funeral pre-planning.

Misconception: If you make arrangements in advance, it is difficult to make changes later.

Fact: You could plan your funeral and pay for it now and live another 20 years or beyond and funeral home directors take this fact into consideration. This is why your arrangements are not necessarily set in stone as long as you are still alive to make changes. There are some aspects that would be difficult to change, such as a burial plot or an already ordered head stone, but you can always make adjustments to the simple aspects of the plan, such as the casket or music you want played, after it is complete.

Misconception: You will end up paying more if you pre-plan your funeral than you would if your loved ones take care of this after you pass away.

Fact: In rare cases when someone dies unexpectedly, the funeral home will choose to make adjustments to charges and fees to help the family pay for the services. However, this is no guarantee and this almost always means compromising on desirable features. It is a much more financially sound decision to pay for your funeral in advance, especially taking into account future inflation. 

Before you talk yourself out of making your own funeral arrangements, make sure that you know the facts about the process. Keep in mind that funeral homes work with people daily to make these plans, and they will be happy to help you with any concerns you have throughout the process.