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How To Find CDL Jobs When The Job Market Is Slower Than A Five O'clock Traffic Jam

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A CDL, or commercial driver's license for those that do not have one, allows you to drive everything from a limousine to a dump truck. One might suppose that having a CDL would make it easier to find work, but that is not always so. If you have a a current CDL and are desperately trying to find work, consider one of the following options.

Work with a Temporary Employment Agency

Temporary employment agencies are leading the job market with helping both employees and employers find good fits for the jobs available. Employers do not have to do any of the interviewing and potential employees can apply for multiple jobs all through a single agency. The agency can also alert you to any jobs that the agency has been enlisted to fill. As a CDL driver, you can find more work more frequently, and some employers may even hire you permanently after they have had you work for them as a temporary/agency employee.

Work for the Government 

Most people tend to overlook the fact that the federal and state governments hire drivers with CDLs because the governments do not post their employment opportunities with mainstream announcements or classified ads. You have to visit state and federal job sites and sift or search through what is currently available. In addition to finding regular work, the government hires at a higher rate of pay than most private employers do, something to seriously consider when you are searching for work.

Start Your Own Company

Entrepreneurship is at an all-time high, thanks to the recent recession. You would not be remiss to start your own company where your CDL plays the central role to shipping or transportation of people or goods. You would also be creating some jobs for other drivers who have a CDL but cannot find work elsewhere. Even when you cannot find the cash to pay your bills, you can find a business loan to get your business off the ground.

Another Way to Utilize Your License for Pay

There are people out there who just do not like to drive. They do not want to pay for a taxi either. Even though you would not really need a CDL for it, you could advertise flat rate rides in your own vehicle to those that prefer to be driven around but do not want to be charged an arm and a leg to get around.

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