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A Step By Step Process To Planning Your Final Resting Place

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No one wants to think about dying and where their body will be after they are gone, but it is important to consider it. Your family will have a hard time during their loss, so having everything planned ahead of time can help relieve some of their stress. It also allows you to feel confident your final resting place is based on what you want and not what others want. In order to pre-plan your burial, you will need to follow these steps. 

Choose a Cemetery

When choosing a cemetery, you have to remember this is where your final resting place will be. There are several types of cemeteries to choose from. You have green cemeteries, veterans' cemeteries, religious cemeteries, public cemeteries, and municipal cemeteries. You also want to learn about the regulations they have in effect that will determine how much space you can have, what type of memorial you are allowed, and if other family members can have adjoining spaces. A funeral home is required to provide you a general price list for all their services, accord to the Funeral Rule. Cemeteries are not required to provide you with this same price list, so you want to be sure that you ask about the list of prices. 

Design a Memorial

Once you have determined what cemetery you would like your body placed in after your passing, it is now time to choose a memorial. Each cemetery has their own limits on what type of memorial you can have. Once you have received the regulations by the cemetery, you can then start designing your own memorial. When considering the design, imagine what would help explain who you are if a stranger walked up and read your memorial. Some cemeteries will allow you to place a picture on the memorial. 

Choosing a Granite Memorial

Memorials generally consist of either granite or marble. Marble was the primary composition from the 1850's to the 1940's. This is because marble was the most cost effective option at the time. While it remains cheaper than granite memorials, the condition of a marble memorial will not hold up over the years. Granite is not only heavier than marble, but it is also more durable. It can withstand weather and age better than many other types of memorials. 

Pick Out a Casket

Caskets come in a wide range of materials. You can choose from wood caskets, biodegradable caskets, semi metal caskets, and full metal caskets. Over time, caskets have dropped in price allowing you to purchase a basic metal casket for about $995. If you want to a wood casket, the casket will be considerably more expensive. Metal caskets are popular because it is easy to add artwork to them. If you want to customize your casket, you can hire an artist to design artwork according to what you want. 

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