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3 Tips For Moving Around The Holidays

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The holidays are a difficult time to be relocating. With all your personal items being packed into boxes, decorations and gifts can easily get lost in the mess. There are also many aspects of the holiday season that can get in the way while planning a move. These tips will help you get through your move this holiday season.

Set Aside Special Holiday Boxes

Gift boxes and decorations are some of the things that you're going to want to keep track of during the holidays. Mark boxes containing these items so they're unlikely to get mixed up among the other boxes in your home. Use large, brightly colored stickers that can help these boxes stand out. Or, to be more creative and to keep your home looking festive, wrap your holiday boxes with ribbons and bows.

While packing at your old home, put holiday-related boxes in an area separate from the other boxes. When the movers arrive on moving day, make a point of telling them about the holiday boxes. Ask the movers to pack holiday-related items into the truck last or first to ensure that they'll be easy to find when it's time to unload. When you arrive at your new home, designate an area of the house where holiday items can be placed.

Buy All Packing Materials Early

As the holidays draw near, you'll find that getting to stores to buy boxes and packing materials will become difficult. Not only will the stores be busier than normal, but packing materials may become scarce as people send gifts to friends and loved ones. Buy your packing materials early from your moving company. This will help ensure that you'll have what you need when you need it.

Strategically Plan Move Dates

Avoid scheduling your move close to the busiest holidays, like Christmas and New Years. The number of travelers on the road and the number of alcohol-impaired drivers peak around these days, which means that driving a moving truck rental at this time of year can become more dangerous. To ensure that you can safely drive your truck and get it to your new home, schedule your move at a time that avoids the major holidays.

For more information about how you can make your move around the holidays go more smoothly, talk to a moving truck rental company like Elite Truck Rental. Customer service representatives from your moving company can give you suggestions and advice that can help.