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A Coating To Aid With Minimizing Welding Spatter Messes

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Drops of what appear to be molten lava often cascade from the joint between two metal pieces that are being welded together. The material is referred to as spatter and will eventually harden, which could compromise the manner in which welding equipment operates or could result in a bumpy work surface that is difficult to clean. If you are a new welder and want to minimize spatter, use a coating that is designed to prevent it from sticking to surfaces.

A Spray

An anti-spatter spray contains a combination of silicone and petroleum or silicone and water. The spray can be used to form a coating near the nozzle of your welding gun or across the work surface that metal pieces are lined up on. You will still see the series of droplets that are emitted from the welding gun, but the material will remain soft and can easily be wiped away after you have finished welding.

An anti-spatter spray should be applied before you turn your welding equipment on. Shake the contents in a spray bottle. Apply a light coating of spray to any surfaces that will be in the direct line of the gun's nozzle. Avoid over spraying, since doing so could increase porosity in a freshly-welded area. 

A Gel

A gel product acts in the same manner as a spray but should be applied directly to your welding gun's tip and nozzle. Prior to adding a gel product, warm up the gun. Place the gel on a flat surface. Remove the top from the gel product and lower your gun's tip and nozzle into the product. After a light coating of the gel has been applied, pull the gun out and allow the excess gel to roll off the gun and into the container.

Use a scrap piece of metal to lightly run a weld bead across the metal's surface. Afterward, begin welding the metal pieces that are part of your current welding project. Any liquid spatter that forms can be tapped from the end of your gun. Dip your gun back into the gel as needed to provide the tip and nozzle with protection.


Although a product that is designed to deter spatter will minimize cleanup, you should still focus on cleaning and sanitizing equipment at the end of each welding process. Use a wire brush to clean your gun and a scouring pad or a sponge to wipe off your work area. 

To learn more, contact a resource like Safe n Clean.